Baby Boom (1987) อุ้มไว้สบายติ๋ม

Baby Boom J. C. Wiatt J. C. Wiatt, a driven Manhattan Management Consulting (nicknamed “Tiger Lady”) is dedicated to her challenging and prominent job. Steven Buchner is her boyfriend and an investment banker. Both are content with their jobs and don’t wish to have kids. J.C. was shocked to discover that Elizabeth was a child abandoned by a distant cousin is actually her “inheritance”.

J.C. is unwilling to interrupt her hectic life and is unsure of how to care for her children. But, she gets attracted to Elizabeth and this leads J.C. into a re-evaluate of her priorities. Steven isn’t interested in becoming a parent, therefore she decides to go back to stay at home and take care of Elizabeth. Steven leaves after their amicable breakup. Fritz Curtis, J.C.’s boss gives J.C. the opportunity to join his company as an associate. J.C. is given the chance to oversee The Food Chain’s accounts by Hughes Larrabee, CEO. J.C. lands Elizabeth the account, and Ken Arrenberg, her protege, is assigned to her staff.

J.C. struggles to balance her work and family obligations. She employs a variety of nannies and then she enrolls Elizabeth in early development classes. Elizabeth soon finds that motherhood consumes a lot of her time. J.C. informs Fritz that Ken makes decisions without her involvement. Fritz stunned her by explaining to her that Ken will be in charge of the account and that J.C. will be assigned to a client who has less of a profile. This will enable Elizabeth to enjoy more time with her family and spend more time with her. Fritz said that Fritz was forced to choose between his family and work. Fritz postponed her promotion. Baby Boom HD

J.C. quits and is moved into Elizabeth to a home located in Vermont. The house was purchased without visiting it, or getting it examined. She discovers that the house is plagued by problems such as a failing heating system, plumbing, and water shortage. She is overwhelmed by her loneliness and the rising costs of the new home and an inability to focus and financial resources. She is at the brink of financial ruin and suffers an emotional breakdown when she encounters Dr. Jeff Cooper, a local veterinarian. She is initially averse to Jeff and is determined to stay clear of him. It’s almost impossible to find an interested buyer for the home. She is looking for a market opportunity to sell “gourmet babyfood applesauce which she has created using fresh ingredients. The company grows from a modest company to a full-fledged business called “Country Baby” after a rough start. J.C. and Jeff fall in love with the business expands and customers come from across the country.

Fritz is later in contact with J.C. to propose Country Baby to The Food Chain. Then, she goes back to her former firm to meet with Larrabee and her former coworkers and discuss the issue with her. They provide her with a lucrative salary and an Manhattan apartment, as well as other advantages in exchange for signing a multi-million dollar agreement to buy her company and to distribute its products throughout the United States. J.C. was ready to accept the offer of Fritz and is certain that she can go back to her previous impressive and distinguished job in New York. J.C. believes she can develop her business without having to sacrifice her friendship with Jeff and Elizabeth. She is happy with her new role as a wife, mother and the CEO of her own company She also returns to Vermont to visit Jeff as well as Elizabeth.


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